Saturday, October 3, 2015

We have a system of foster homes where we make our furry friends part of the family; we do not have a shelter building where people can visit on the spur of the moment. the name has shelter in it but we choose to provide "shelter" in a home setting!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Art Exhibit

"Wild Eyes"Art Exhibit @ Velvet Olive 
artist is Steve Johnson

Date: Friday June 5th
Time: 8pm
Location:  Velvet Olive  @  4924 - 50th Street

Please join us with Steve @ the Velvet Olive, Steve has generously offered to donate 10% of his proceeds to Sylvan Lake & Area SERENITY Pet Shelter Society 

Gemma & her 7 Little Gems

Gemma & her 7 Little Gems

Gemma was rescued on April 23, 2015.  She had given birth to her babies under a concrete slab, the finder thought there were 5 babies under there.  We were called in because Gemma had been abandoned & wasn't wanted anymore.   She recognized her owners van every time she seen it & would chase them till they got to their location, she waited patiently for love & pets…only to be ignored.  She continued to wait beside their car until they returned, only to have the same pattern repeated.

Beautiful Gemma is an absolute darling of a dog, hence her name Gemma.  She trusted me to touch & move her babies even though she was uneasy about it, but, there again you can she her true loving personality!   She only wants to be accepted & loved!

Gemma has 7, not 5 babies as originally thought : ) 

She had 6 baby boys & one female.  Their breeds are not certain of course, as they are all different.  2 boys have face & markings of Rotti, another 2 have faces of Pit, the other 2 have Shepard & the wee girl has the look & markings of a Beagle…

PRE-ADOPTED are the 3 in the bottom pictures & the 2 at pool side…

the other 2 babies are still up for pre-adoption, both males & adorable personalities.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Mission is to rescue abandoned,abused, and surrendered cats/kittens, dog/puppies, and provide veterinary care necessary for their health and well-being, place them in foster care and find each one a forever home. Please note that most animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.
Status number 82023 4912 RR001

 In Feb 2000, I began working on the Sunchild Reserve, developing programs.  From the first lunch hour, it was apparent there were numerous hungry dogs.  The second day, I bought a bag of dog food which was consumed in its entirety during the second days’ lunch hour.  Two days, only two days, and the seeds of a new organization to rescue abandoned, neglected, abused, stray, homeless dogs, were planted.   

The seeds grew into a burgeoning tree called Paws and Claws Animal Rescue Society.  Many volunteers joined, foster homes were recruited, a board of directors was formed and Charitable Status was gained.  The most important goal was being worked on every day: that of saving canine lives.  Life sometimes throws curves at us.

After about four years of hard work, a group of volunteers left Paws and Claws and started a new organization, Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.  Again, the new organization grew and blossomed and worked extremely hard to achieve the original goals as well as adding spay/neuter and education to the list of things to do! 

AARCS was thriving, and a new, younger crew was ready and able to take the reins.  I was starting to get worn out by then. Some time passed,then the phone began ringing with requests for help again. 

Stormy Mae was brought to me suffering with 6 fractures in her hind leg. The  poor little white dog was filthy from not being able to look after herself.  Money was raised and Stormy had her right hind leg amputated.  About 5 months later, she was spayed, at the age of 9 years. She is still a “little warrior” dog, full of zip, having just turned 13 years old. 
The following Christmas, Bella was brought to us with 8 leg fractures to her right hind leg.  Again, money was raised and Bella had surgery to pin and plate her leg together. A wonderful volunteer stepped forward to foster Bella while she recuperated.The surgeon at Alberta Veterinary Center did a fantastic job, and happily Bella is also thriving. She spent the better part of a year visiting her second foster mom, who had fallen gravely ill, in hospital. Bella grew her own fan club, and has a special jacket with “Ambassador Dog” embroidered on it. She lives with her permanent foster dad, and plays happily with her doggy friends coming inside whenever she desires.

Meanwhile, Sylvan Lake had a visible feral cat problem and the local newspaper ran many stories about pending action by Town Council. Phones rang, people met, presentations were made, and an unpopular draft by-law was defeated. All that brought a group of animal lovers together and Sylvan Lake & Area Serenity Pet Shelter Society was born!  

It helps having experience in forming a non-profit society, and applying for Charitable Status, and so those things were accomplished.  Sylvan Lake & Area Serenity Pet Shelter Society gained Charitable Status in December of 2011. We have a growing, thriving, organization full of incredible volunteers ranging in age from 10 years to 79 years. We save canine and feline lives on a regular basis and our passion for rescue is fierce!   

Our rescue work is primarily in Sylvan Lake, Rimbey, Clive, Red Deer, First Nations Communities west of Rocky Mountain House, Leslieville, Eckville, Bentley, Benalto, - anywhere we are called.   

We work cooperatively with other rescue organizations as much as possible. 
Our organization has a foster home system for all rescued dogs and cats/puppies and kittens. We respect our foster home volunteers incredibly highly for being able to take wounded animals (physically, and socially) and make them whole and happy for their second chance at life.

For me, this passion is life-long.  I recalls my mother saying to me as she brought yet another stray dog or cat home, “when you grow up and have a home of your own, you may have as many animals as you like”!!  Words are very powerful…as are the beliefs that my mom instilled in me regarding the value of pets and animals in general.